Seismic Upgrades, Canterbury

Invest now, Save Later 

We are able to deliver a number of seismic upgrades to your project or existing building, which are essential to any sort of structure in the Christchurch Canterbury area. Aftershocks and earthquakes can devastate an unprepared building, causing structure damage, soil failure and in the worst case, leading to the collapse or condemning of the building.

It’s in the best interest of safety and durability to upgrade as soon as possible to ensure no further damage is done by regular seismic activity in the area.

Earthquakes shouldn’t be the end of your building

Upgrade the durability of your building for the future

Dynamic Controls

This one was a full contract fit out working closely with the owners building manager in design and materialsCost around 1 millionProgram 6 months​

Bristol Street

This house was a full contract working with the architect and client as it was a moving targetExtremely small site with no room for storageBuild cost around $900,000Program 12 months.​

501 Moorhouse Ave​

This building is a concrete tilt panel with a mezzanine floor,warehouse and office, Screw piled foundations. Large tilt slab panels made onsite. Alco panel façadeStraight forward build good site with plenty of room.​

426 Tuam Street

This building was a strengthening job to the existing with a new façade, which included removing the existing floor and drainage then replacing with new.Building challenges – replacing floor keeping mezzanine intact.Program – approx. 7 months​

422 Tuam Street

Building is a concrete tilt panel, timber frame offices with a Alco panel facade.BuildingConcrete Tilt PanelCostaround $900,000Program8 month Build

325 Brougham  Street​

The job was a strengthening and refurbish/ upgrade. The owner almost let us have a free rain to do most things as long as we didn’t go over budget too much.Job325 Brougham Street Costaround $1.1 millionProgram8 month BuildBuilding difficultiesweatherkeeping the existing offices water tight when replacing the internal gutters and roof. Fire rating the existing building

36 Gasson Street

The Job was a full contract to the client which then leads into a tenant fitout, Working closely with the owner making changes to suit his own requirements.BuildingConcrete Tilt PanelCostaround $1.3 millionProgram12 month BuildBuilding difficultiesUnder pining neighboring buildings,extremely busy road to contend with

32-36 Stanley Street

The job was Full contract by EPR, we worked closely with the owner in order to give him his desired design with changes happening throughout the build time.Concrete tilt panel, timber frames, laminam soffits and feature wallsCostaround 1 millionProgram9 monthsBuilding difficultiesUnder pining neighboring buildings,small site restraints for deep excavation,craneage of panels.

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